5 ILO Client Choice Awards 2018 won by Schoenherr Bucharest Partners

08.02.18 News von den Mitgliedern

5 out of 9 Client Choice Awards granted by International Law Office (ILO) to Romanian lawyers in 2018 were won by Schoenherr Bucharest partners, who are exclusive winners for Romania in their respective categories. Sebastian Gutiu (Managing Partner Schoenherr Bucharest) was awarded the Arbitration & ADR award, Matei Florea (Partner) won the award in the Banking category, Georgiana Badescu (Partner, Bucharest) was awarded the Competition & Antitrust award, Monica Cojocaru (Partner, Bucharest) won an award for her activity in Ener-gy & Natural Resources, and Adina Jivan (Partner, Bucharest) – for her activity in Litigation.

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