AHK Romania started working groups on different important and actual themes for the business environment, the purpose being the initiation of constructive dialogue with the authorities in order to improve the economic framework in Romania.

The working groups within AHK Romania function on Internal Regulation which can be consulted here.

If you are interested in taking part active part to this working groups, please contact us. 

AHK Romania has the following active working groups:

Construction law

The working group on construction law was founded in 2018, as a consequence of the legal modifications, to support the member companies of AHK Romania. The members of the working group come from different domains of activity, like architecture, constructions, consultancy, real estate development and design. The construction law has an important role to play with regard to sustainable development of the cities.


The environment working group contains a large number of members of AHK from many domains, like waste management, constructions, law firms and producers, that take part actively in discussions and meetings. The group is permanently in dialogue with the public administration and the working group leader, Andrei Orban, is presenting and promoting constant the problems and the expectations of the Romanian-German business environment to the competent authorities.


The working group on healthcare was established because this domain, just like education, needs urgent modernization and investment. The coordinator, Dr. Wargha Enayati, known for his implication in diverse medical projects, assures a constant and constructive dialogue with the Romanian authorities.


Labor law is another important criterion in choosing the placement of the investment. With the purpose of experience exchange on themes like the labor market and elaborating position papers, AHK Romania created a working group lead by Anca Grigorescu for the members interested in this matter

Public procurement

The working group on public procurement is lead by Lorand Fabian. The system of public tenders is an important criterion in choosing the placement of the investment. Regarding the public procurement it is mandatory to take action, especially on transparency and on creating some clear and efficient conditions. Within the last years, there was intense exchange of know-how and experiences between the business environment and the authorities from the domain. Concrete proposals for bettering the situation of the public procurement were elaborated within the working group and sent to the authorities. 


The working group on tourism is lead by Dr. Dragoș Anastasiu and it was created to identify and establish the tourism priorities, respective the promotion of Romania, debureaucratization, the regulation of the legislation regarding tourism financing, working force and so on.

Vocational education

Vocational education is one of the domains in which AHK Romania is deeply involved for years, because of the lack of working force is increasingly critical in Romania. A functional educational system could offer to the young people new employment perspectives on the labor market in Romania, could assure well prepared and qualified for the future working force and could be part of the solution to stop the migration. That’s the reason why AHK works intensively and sustained on this matter, closely connected with the most important actors from the economic environment and with the responsible institutions, especially the Education Minister. The model that AHK Romania bases on is the vocational education from Germany. 

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